Hip-Hop & Poetry Session: #1

The Chase

She was dreamy, I would make her laugh, and I thought of her all the time.
Enough to the point where I would stare off into the distance mid gaze.
It was as if we were meant to coexist at this place, this time. 
Our fates intertwined. 
And I couldn’t let this opportunity go.
As Pusha T would say,
“If you know, you know.”
And I just knew it would be you 
That I’d pursue.

Being Shy As Hell

I saw you in the corner of my eye
and of course I was too shy to say hi.
I don’t know why,
but I’ve always been that guy.
The guy that never took initiative when I’d wanted
and put on as front when confronted.
Your eyes had reached mine for a moment this time; 
I looked over. 
Yet when you saw this I began to look away.
Moving my stare to the ground and thinking to the point one would imagine I was solving equations with my feet moving mathematically parallel.
Away from you.



Impulse ‘YouTube Original’: Maddie Hasson

With all of the streaming outlets out there I feel like a lot of good shows and amazing cast performances are missed. I recently started watching the show ‘Impulse’ a YouTube Original and this girl Maddie Hasson, the lead actress, has it! 
You may or may not remember the movie ‘Jumper’ which came out in 2008, but this show follows that overall series based on the books by Steven Gould. The sci-fi element is riveting and one can only imagine somehow being able to teleport one day and the drama that entails.
A big part of this series deals with sexual abuse and self discovery as well as drugs and violence. While I am only on Ep. 10 at the time of writing, Maddie Hasson delivers an amazing performance easily making her one of my favorite actresses of 2018. She currently has 30.4K followers on Instagram but I believe more people will follow when they learn about her and this show. 

You can follow her @ maddiehassonofficial


Christmas spirit in Philadelphia 12.09.18

Under the Christmas Tree with holiday cheer 
Friends ❤
Rocky Statue
Christmas tree at the Philadelphia Museum of Arts
Pat’s or….
Ateh Cheska first time at Geno’s w/ her bestfriend Ateh Karen

Jdrama Thoughts: Love and Fortune (Ep 1.)

While Korean dramas seem to have taken over my life, they are for the most part usually predictable. Japanese dramas on the other hand have always taken on risker topics and darker plot lines. Although I’m not yet sure why the title of this drama is called ‘Love and Fortune’ I am sure this drama is not for everyone. Mature audiences only.

With that out of the way and spoiler alert * this drama revolves around Wako Taira. She is a 31 year old who works a part-time job at a theater and is currently living with her boyfriend of four years Fuuta Aoi. Her boyfriend and everyone around her constantly tells her she should get a real job or that she should consider becoming a mother. The idea of a full time job and parenting loom over Wako and this seems to play a part in her developing fantasies.

While watering plants one day, she encounters Yumeaki Iko who she immediately determines is her type upon seeing his face and follows him into the theater where she works. She is initially nervous and resembles someone who is meeting their crush for the first time (shook). She handles his ticketing for the film by a Mr. Okihara whom she is also a fan of and finds him asleep in the theater when the film is over. This is where he drops his student ID and this is when she finds out that he is only 15 y/o.

Despite knowing he is only 15 she creepily leans in close to his face and smells him. He abruptly wakes up without knowing what she was even did and apologizes for falling asleep exiting in a hurry. Wako still in a state of lust can’t bring herself to tell him he dropped his ID and instead holds onto it. He later returns to locate his ID yet she is scheming at this point and tells him it’s not there. She instead shows him around the theater and as he is leaving he mentions that they are wearing the same shoes. Before he leaves Wako asks for his number in case they locate the ID when in reality she has it in her back pocket..

Rewind to the first scene in the drama and Wako is seen pleasuring her boyfriend yet she wishes he would do the same for her. She also seems displeased in a later scene when he cancels on her as they needed to go shopping for a gift for her parents. Fuuta instead has to work that Sunday and makes plans to go out for drinks after. Alone in her apartment, Wako fantasizes about the 15 y/o Yumeaki until her drunk boyfriend returns wanting to hook up.

At first she wants him to stop but then tells him to only use his left hand fantasizing about Yumeaki and his broken arm while they do what adults do when they’re turned on. In the closing scene of the first episode, there is a flashback as to how she first met her boyfriend and he picked her. She believes that now it is the other way around and she is picking Yumeaki the 15 y/o. To me, Wako has a sick fantasy yet I can see where it is derived from. Wako is 31 years old and doesn’t quite fit into the adult world the way it is set up. She desires a new spark in life and someone who will make her feel pleasure again. Her boyfriend while once being this way is now content and not the same as when they were younger and first met. After watching the first episode, I would recommend this drama as it is interesting but only if you are open to watching knowing Wako may become a sexual predator in the future of this drama and possibly commit statutory rape…

Album Review: Gucci Mane – Evil Genius

After trying to listen to XXXtentacion’s experimental sounding album I needed to hear something solid that wouldn’t disappoint. Gucci Mane delivers just that with a solid 18 track album. With features from Quavo, 21 Savage, and Young Boy NBA just to name a few this album isn’t short on features yet doesn’t feel oversaturated either. 
An artist like Gucci Mane is always my go to when driving or on the move. While not a lyricist, he has always been able to stay relevant while keeping his street persona. Tracks such as his single ‘Wake Up In The Sky’ featuring Bruno Mars and Kodak Black show off his ability to make a tasteful commercial track which still resonates in the streets and grabs a larger audience with a very respectable 56 million views and counting for the music video on YouTube at the time of writing.
Having grown up in the South, this is a straight listen thru and for others this may vary based on your musical tastes in the genre of Hip-Hop. In spite of this, this may very well be one of the better rap albums to release in the month of December. Gucci Mane with this project delivers a cold winter. Brrrrr. 

Gucci Mane – Evil Genius 
1. Off the Boat
2. By Myself
3. Bi Polar (feat. Quavo)
4. Just Like It (feat. 21 Savage)
5. Cold Shoulder (feat. Young Boy NBA)
6. On God
7. Father’s Day
8. Outta Proportion
9. Lost Y’all Mind (feat. Quavo)
10. I’m Not Goin’ (feat. Kevin Gates)
11. Wake Up In The Sky
12. Solitaire (feat. Migos & Lil Yachty)
13. This the Night
14. Mad Russian (feat. Lil Skies)
15. Hard Feelings
16. Lord 
17. Money Callin
18. Kept Back (feat. Lil Pump) [Bonus Track]

“Money keep on callin me, I feel like it follow me.”

-Gucci Mane

Friday, December 4, 2009

Throwback Thursday: I’ve got a feeling?

So yesterday was a good day as soon as I finished my precalc test! Yet unfortunately I had left my phone at work the night before so almost right after class I drove to Staples to pick it up. When I got it, I had a few missed texts and one missed call. Luckily I got my phone then before I went home because moments later Abbayy hit me up to chill! We met up at Menlo Mall and walked and talked for a bit, went to the Apple Store, and almost watched a movie there almost buying food at the food court but I was like “I WANT BURGER KING” lol 

 Because we decided to watch New Moon for less than $10 dollars, we ended up at the other Edison movie theater after our stop at the neighboring Burger King. Yummm. When we got in there, we had the whole theater to ourselves cause no one else was there “yay”. It felt like a really big tv but I don’t care it was dope and we got to talk and ish. After the movie, I came home for a bit then Lea hit me up to go to Applebees after 10PM for the appetizers. I was like sure. We got there at like 11 and it was Lea, me, Judy, and Anni. I got the Sweet and Spicy wings which were iight and we talked about girl stuff =/ and about partying! 

All I have to say is “EWW LEA DON’T LOOK AT MY SHOES LMAO”
We stayed there until almost 1AM and said our goodbyes. Tonight’s going to be a good night? Hopefully!

“I gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night”

-The Black Eyed Peas